The NuWorks Gaming Win Win Feature Is Great - Here's How It Works!

Jun. 04, 2015

NuWorks Gaming Software can be found at the online Buzzluck casino and for gamers who are keen on playing the slots, who wouldn't be interested in having a game feature that is quite unique and not found elsewhere? Welcome to NuWorks Win Win Feature!

The special Win Win Feature game is a bonus game that will sometimes be activated at the end of their free games bonus round. Every so often, the player finally lines up their symbols to collect their free games bonus, only to be disappointed and not collect the amount of prize money that was expected.

Sound familiar? The good thing here is that the video slots that have been developed by NuWorks that carry this feature, readjust the balance in the favor of the player!

So how does it work exactly? Well this feature is only triggered at the end of the free spins session if the player has only won 10 x or less than his stake, from the total of his free spin games. Should that be the case, unlike most games where the game goes back to continue as normal, the Win Win Feature comes into play. Here is how it works:

If the player has just collected total winnings 6-10 times their stake, they are awarded an additional 10 times their bet. If their free game wins are 3-5 times their stake, in other words, they have won even less prize money, this new bonus now increases by paying them an additional 10 times their bet.

If their winnings amount to 2 times their stake or less, now things start to look quite a lot better with them now collecting 50 times their bet. Should they have been denied any kind of prize at all, now they can clap their hands with glee, as now they collect a payout not of 100 times but 200 times their original betting stake! Come and play a NuWorks Win Win Feature game today and see how slots prize money has just got a whole lot better!