Get Excited about Online Video Poker Gambling at Buzzluck

Jul. 20, 2014

There is no experience quite like online video poker gambling at Buzzluck, and that's because we have worked long and hard to provide all of the best and most immersive variations in one easy-to-use package. One of our most popular offerings is known as Deuces Wild, and it is played just like a traditional game of five-card draw in which all 2s can substitute for anything else in the deck. Payouts are only produced when you are able to achieve a hand that consists of at least a three of a kind, though, and this is because the addition of wildcards reduces the edge we have here at Buzzluck and increases your odds of winning.

To get started with online video poker gambling at Buzzluck, you'll need to choose how much you want to wager and then click the button that says 'Draw'. You will receive a total of five cards, and the goal is to decide which of these you would like to keep in hopes of building a strong hand that will pay well. For instance, if you receive two Kings, you might want to hold these and exchange the rest. Then, if you get another King and a 2 with this draw, you'll have the equivalent of a four of a kind which pays four times your original stake!

The best part is that you can choose whether you want to enjoy this title for free or for real money at any time you'd like. Downloading and installing the software is incredibly easy, and you'll only need to provide a bit of information in order to set up your real money account. With dozens of different banking methods from which to choose and a fantastic welcome offer on board, we're sure that you'll find our website to be one of the best in the industry when it comes to not only video poker, but other games, too. We also have dozens of slots, blackjack, craps, roulette, keno, baccarat, scratch cards and more from which you can choose to completely customize your experience and make it your own.