Learn to Play 21 Blackjack at Buzzluck

May 05, 2014

Here at Buzzluck, we know that people in the USA love to play 21 blackjack. This is by far the most popular online casino game in the entire country, and that's why we've worked hard to provide it with beautiful graphics, outstanding rules, and plenty of variants to keep you interested for as long as you'd like. Of course, we give you the opportunity to get some practice with our free versions, but the real money comes when you're confident in your skills and you are able to get in some real-money wins against the house.

If you're not sure how to play 21 blackjack, keep in mind that while it is simple to learn, it is difficult to master. Although there is some luck involved in the cards that you inevitably receive, it is up to you to make the decisions that will optimize your odds and ultimately produce a payout. Here's how it works: the dealer will hand out cards and each person at the table as well as him or herself will get two. Each participant's will be laid face-up while one of the dealer's will be presented face-down. Your objective is to make decisions in such a way that the value of your hand beats the value of the house's without exceeding a value of 21. In the event that you score exactly 21 with only two cards, you'll have a natural 'Blackjack' and will receive a payout of 3-to-2.

Along the way, there are several choices you'll need to make. First of all, you will need to decide whether to hit (take more cards) or stand (stick with what you have). This may seem simple enough, but it is actually governed by mathematics and odds so you'll need to make these choices carefully. On the same note, you'll be given opportunities to take insurance, to double down, or even to split your hand in order to create two. This often gives you better odds overall, though you'll have to double your original bet in order to do it. If you are interested in getting started, we're here at Buzzluck to help you out and we'll match any deposit you make up to $250.